Chemical Lab

timo® has always emphasized on the quality of the products, which predominantly determines the customer satisfaction and loyalty. In order for us to continuously pursue excellent product quality, a chemical lab has been set up mainly for chemical analysis on a wide-range of own manufactured products as well as raw materials. Chemical lab could assist QA division, cultivation lab and R&D division in quality control programmes to ascertain the safety and the quality of the products and raw materials.

Chemical lab is fully committed to develop and carry out chemical analysis by using the following advanced instrument.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) with Hydride System
Heavy metals in the food which possess serious health hazard can be determined by using AAS technique. We verify the heavy metal content level such as lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) by using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, mercury (Hg) and arsenic (As) by using Hydride Generation System. With this, the products which leave the factory premises follow the quality control test specifications by Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan.


Microwave Digestion System
We apply a closed-vessel microwave digestion technique in sample preparation for heavy metal analysis. Its high pressure capabilities can enhance the digestion quality and decrease the digestion time and thus improve the efficiency of AAS sample analysis.




High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
timo® cordyceps stroma (raw material) from cultivation lab is first inspected for its quality using chromatographic methods to determine the concentration of the active ingredients,e.g. cordycepin and adenosine before proceeding to manufacturing division. This ensures that the product is high in quality.

Other than that, R&D division analyzes the concentration level of cordycepin and adenosine in cordyceps stroma continuously by using this multi-solvent delivery system. Herewith,the cordyceps stroma with better quality and higher active ingredients can be produced towards achieving the vision of quality for a quality life.


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