Cultivation Plant

The company is a Bionexus status company with over 6 years of experience in research and development of indoor cultivation of cordyceps stroma. The finest cordyceps stroma has been developed successfully by using advanced biotechnology with the best raw materials in a highly control environments. To assure the top quality of cordyceps being produced, every batch of harvested cordyceps will be tested in an advanced chemical lab for adenosine and cordycepin analysis.

100K Cleanroom 
Timo cordyceps stroma is cultured in a well regulated 100k cleanroom and the airborne particle is controlled to specified limits. General cleanroom regulations and cleanroom garments must be followed strictly when entering into clean room area.


Cultivation flow

The strong research team and the trained employees are responsible to control and improve the quality for the cultivation of cordyceps stroma. During cultivation, Standard operation procedures are applied and all the processes are in control:

Stock culture preparation
The stocks (‘seed’) of cordyceps are brought from various sources especially from the origin place of cordyceps - China. Research and development of the stocks will be done by the research team for the best quality stock to cultivate the finest quality of cordyceps stroma.

Media preparation
Cultivation of mycelium is common but not the cultivation of the stroma (“grass”). Our research team has to resort to fairly extreme culture parameters to regulate the temperature, humidity, light, oxygen, carbon dioxide and the pH of the substrate according to different growth stages by using solid substrate fermentation method. All of these are done on an organic, vegetarian and sterilized substrate without insects or caterpillar.

Sterilization process
The media for cultivation of cordyceps will be sterilized by using autoclave to kill all the contaminants in the culture bottles.

The liquid stock of cordyceps will be inoculated into the sterilized media and culture in the special control environment.

Cultivation zone
Our researchers set up the cultivation zone by imitating the natural living habitat of wild Cordyceps as closely as possible according to various parameters such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, pH, oxygen and carbon dioxide level of the cultivation zone.

At the end of the cultivation period, Cordyceps stroma will be harvested as the raw material of timo products. Each batch of the cultured cordyceps stroma will be sent to inner chemical lab for the adenosine and cordycepin (3’-deoxyadenosine) analysis (target medicinal compounds).

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