Company Profile

BioFact Life Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia under the Company Act 1965 on 1st February 2005. BioFact Life Sdn Bhd specialises in cultivation of Cordyceps(Dong Chong Xia Cao). The company is one of the pioneer biotechnology companies in the world using the latest biotechnology techniques in cultivation of Cordyceps at reduced cost with improved quality. The Cordyceps is cultivated under controlled environment with acidity conditions in specially designed clean room that is free from chemical pollution as well as yeast, mould and bacterial contamination.

Business of Biofact Life encompasses seed-to-shelf approach and as such the company is fully committed to extensive research and development, manufacturing and marketing its quality products for market needs. To achieve this goal, Biofact Life has set up three major divisions in the company structure. First, Research and Development division. This division is responsible for cultivation of Cordyceps and carrying out R&D on production and quality of Cordyceps. Second, Manufacturing division. This division is responsible for manufacturing broad range of herbal and nutraceutical products. The manufacturing plant is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Halal and ISO 22000:2005 certified, thus the quality, safety and efficacy of products which are in the form of capsule, liquid, powder, tablet and ointment are controlled and maintained. Third, Sales and Marketing division. This division is responsible for marketing, sale and distributing products under registered brand ‘timo’ to all retail pharmacies and drug houses locally and internationally.



Vision & Mission


To be the recognized health and nutrition supplements provider in the region through advanced biotechnology, competitive manufacturing, brilliant branding and strategic marketing and distribution.


-In shaping up of our biotechnology team through effective training and continual research and development in state-of-art facilities.

-To provide a competitive edge over our competitors through easy access of resources and with recognized manufacturing systems.

-Branding successfulness through scientific approach with precise product and market positioning.

-Strategic marketing and distribution via our sustainable traditional and modern trading networks and smart business partnership with the support of in-house creative advertising and promotion team as well as effective logistic system.


Business Operations
BioFact Life adopts a seed-to-shelf approach in running its business and is fully committed to extensive research and development in the cultivation, manufacturing and marketing Cordyceps of BioFact Life

The business operation is made up of three major divisions, Research & Development Division, Manufacturing Division and Sales and Marketing Division. Since its inception, the R&D division has grown into a division that is founded on high standards of professionalism, knowledge and expertise. The R&D division is mainly responsible for technological innovation and improvement in the quality of Cordyceps and other manufactured products. Besides that, the division is also capable of supporting other operational functions such as planning, product development & improvement, information gathering and quality analysis.

The Manufacturing Division on the other hand, is responsible over a broad range of herbal products, primarily based on Cordyceps. The Cordyceps is cultivated under controlled environment with acidity conditions in specially designed clean room that is free from chemical pollution as well as yeast, mould and bacterial contamination.

Under Sales and Marketing division, it promotes and distributes its range of products under the registered brand name of ‘Timo’ directly to local consumers of herbal supplement products. Aside from that, BioFact Lifes’ range of products can be found in the ASEAN countries, such as Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines and Indonesia as indicating its step to bring ‘timo’ brand globally.



Business Philosophy

BioFact Life firmly holds on to a business philosophy that is committed to continuously pursue excellence in product quality. The company believe that scientific and total quality management systems are the keys to achieve this goal.


In that respect, they have established a quality control laboratory to ensure that the products which leave the factory premises are of consistently high quality. All raw materials are sent to the laboratory for inspection and only after they are passed by the laboratory can they be processed in the production line.


Biofact Life is committed to the superior quality of its products as it believes that the key to the success of any product in the market is in its quality.

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