Functional Health Series

Timo Cordyceps Brefwell 30's + Extra 20%
Information :  30 capsules x 450mg + Extra 20%   Facts What cause respiratory and l..
Timo Cordyceps Brefwell 90's
Information :  90 capsules x 450mg   Facts What cause respiratory and lung diseases..
Timo Cordyceps Essence of Chicken + Cordyceps ( 70ml x 6bottle)
timo® Essence of Chicken + Cordyceps ‘Qi’ is one of the most basic substances that constitute hum..
Timo Cordyceps Syrup (300 ml)
Cough A cough is a natural reflex action that protects the lungs. It serves the purpose of cleari..
Timo Diabetea Herbal Mixture Tea (2.6gm x 30 sachets / boxes)
Diabetea Herbal Mixture Tea Diabetea Herbal Mixture Tea is a 100% natural herbal tea that helps t..
Timo Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps & Eucommiae (75ml x 6btls)
Timo Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps & Eucommia Essence of Chicken is made from chicken ext..
Timo Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps & Ginkgo (75ml x 6btls )
Timo Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps & Ginkgo Ginkgo biloba (Yin Xing) is a unique and ol..
Timo Super Fiber (10gm x 10's)Free Shaker
Information : 10g x 10 sachets + 1'sachet free shaker *Detoxification in 8 hours* timo® Super ..
Timo Super Fiber 30 Sachets + Free Multipurpose Tumbler + Free Extra 3 Sachets
IInformation : 10g x 30 sachets (FREE Multipurpose Tumbler + FREE Extra 3 Sachets) *Detoxificatio..
Timo Super Oat (20gm x 25 sachets)
Timo SUPER OAT 有机超级燕麦 timo Super Oat is a source of natural food to keep the body system balanc..

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