Timo Cordyceps King 120's free 30's (KKLIU 2819/2018)

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Timo Cordyceps King ( MAL07050139T ) (KKLIU 2819/2018)

Using the advanced biotechnology, timo Cordyceps King has been accredited by The Malaysia Book of Records as the first cordyceps stroma that is cultivated in a specially designed clean room environment in Malaysia – by regulating the temperature, humidity, oxygen, light and the acidity conditions of the substrate according to different growth stages. In a controlled environment and organic substrate similar to its natural habitat to produce Cordyceps stroma containing pharmacologically active components (Cordycepin & Adenosine) same to wild Cordyceps, if not at least 10 times higher. Stroma is the equivalent of the fruit on the fruit tree, and mycelium of the caterpillar provides nutrients to the fruit, that is the stroma. The most effective and potent elements are therefore concentrated inside the fruit. The nature of Cordyceps is neither “heaty” nor cooling. In fact, timo Cordyceps King is a gentle tonic and can be taken on a regular basis over a prolonged period of time.

The most beneficial components of Cordyceps are in the fruiting body, also known as stroma. timo

Cordyceps Essential is 100% made by Stroma. It contains:


1. Adenosine

2. cordycepin


Traditionally used for reducing phlegm, relief of cough, backache, fatigue, weakness, regulating blood circulation and improving urination, energy as well as general health. Take after meal.
Adults: 1 capsule each time, 2 times per day. 
Children (2-12 yrs old): 1 capsule daily. It is not advisable to take with coffee or tea within 2 hours. 
For easier consumption by children, open capsule and mix contents with food or beverage. Please consume with warm water. 
This is a traditional medicine. Please consult your pharmacist / doctor before taking this product. Protect from light and moisture. Storage temperature below 30°C. Keep out of reach of children. Pregnancy and breastfeeding: insufficient reliable data.

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