Timo Cordyceps Essence ( 42ml x 8 bottle)

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Information : 42ml x 8 bottles

Product Information:
timo® Cordyceps Essence
timo® Cordyceps Essence is extracted from cultivated Cordyceps containing Cordycepin standardized minimum 0.8%, which is 20 times higher than Wild Cordyceps. It is specially formulated for easy consumption and better convenience, particularly for the elderly and those with a busy lifestyle. Using the latest biotechnology techniques, the extracted Cordyceps formulated in liquid form allows easier absorption into the body. timo® Cordyceps Essence is a fragrant superb health drink with a natural, unique mushroom taste providing you with multiple health benefits.
6 Uniqueness of timo Cordyceps Essence
•           100% pure Cordyceps Aqueous Extract
•           Extracted from cultivated Cordyceps containing Cordycepin standardized minimum 0.8%  
            (scientifically proven)
•           No preservatives, coloring and flavorings
•           Easily absorbed by body
•           Suitable for long term usage
•           Gentle tonic with no adverse side effects
Suggested Usage 
Adult : 1 bottle daily or every 2 days.
Children (2-12 years old) :  1 bottle every 3 days.
Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the difference between timo Cordyceps Essence and timo Cordyceps King?
timo Cordyceps Essence is an alternate liquified choice to the capsule version (timo Cordyceps King) for ease of consumption and convenience, especially for those with busy lifestyles. As the liquified form can be easily absorbed into the body, this would prove to be more suitable for those elderly people suffering from poor digestion. Both forms provide similar health benefits, with the only difference in timo Cordyceps King being formulated for everyday consumption and those prefering capsule form, while timo® Cordyceps Essence can be taken daily or every alternate day. Depending on your preference, you may consume either one over a prolonged period of time for maintaining a good health.
Is timo Cordyceps Essence suitable for children?
timo Cordyceps Essence is suitable for people of all ages, including children 2 years old and above.

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