Timo Super Oat (20gm x 25 sachets)

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Timo SUPER OAT 有机超级燕麦

timo Super Oat is a source of natural food to keep the body system balance and healthy. It is
formulated with certified Organic oat bran powder imported from USA which contains Betaglucan
(soluble fibre). Oat beta glucan works by slowing down the absorption of cholesterol
from the digestive tract into the blood stream. It binds with the cholesterol and carries it out of
the body. Besides, the Organic oat Beta-glucan also reduces the rise of blood glucose levels and
high blood pressure.

Timo Super Oat is also enriched with Psyllium husk and FOS (Prebiotic). These two components
are beneficial to a healthy colon by regulating bowel movement, increasing intestinal
bifidobacteria and maintaining a good environment for healthy intestinal flora. It is also an
excellent source of minerals, vitamins and added with Cordyceps to help improve immune
system as well as increase body energy.

timo Super Oat is a delicious and nutritious organic drink which is enhanced with Vanilla flavor
thus, it is ideal for everyone to obtain nutrition from natural, lactose-free and sustainable source
every day.
Health Benefits of timo Super Oat:
 Reduces LDL cholesterol and risk factors of heart disease such as stroke, heart attack &
 Reduces blood glucose, thus improves blood glucose regulation
 Normalizes blood pressure
 Boosts immune function
 Provides strength and energy
 Enhances satiety and assists in weight loss
 Prevents or relieves constipation

In gredients:
Organic Oat Bran Powder (Certified by OTCO), Maltodextrin, Non Dairy Creamer, Multivitamins
and Minerals, Psyllium Husk, Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS), Cordyceps Powder and Vanilla

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