1Q Gummy With Calcium & Vitamin D

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1Q Gummy Calcium & Vitamin D

√             A delicious way to help meet your child’s daily Calcium needs

√             Special added with Vitamin D to enhance Calcium absorption

Why Children Need Calcium & Vitamin D?


√             Keeps structure of bone & teeth strong

√             Aids nerve conduction

√             Aids muscle contraction

√             Plays a role in blood clotting

Vitamin D

√             Promotes calcium absorption

√             Helps maintain bone strength

√             Regulates immune system

The use of Calcium and Vitamin D together has been proven effective in prevention against osteoporosis

Do you Know ?

√             99% of Calcium in the body is found the bones and teeth, where its function is to keep the structure of bones and teeth strong

√             Even if you’re taking enough Calcium, it could be going to waste it you are deficient in Vitamin D


1Q Gummy Calcium & Vitamin D-Essential building blocks of bone

1Q Gummy Calcium 7 Vitamin D is delicious gummy rich in Calcium and Vitamin D needed by your child to support bone health and growth. 4 gummy contain as much calcium as one glass of milk. It offers a delicious way for your child to enjoy the benefits of bone-building nutrients. Make sure your child get enough these nutrients during childhood and teen years  so that they can start out their adult lives with the strongest bones possible!


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