1Q Wellness Emulsion (Orange) (170ml / bottle)

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1Q Wellness Emulsion (Orange)(170ml)

Children Development and Appetite 

Appetite is linked to children’s growth and development. It is normal for a child’s appetite to vary from meal to meal and day to day. Appetite also is affected by general health and activity level. For instance, children who are sick or very tired may have decreased appetite (less hungry) and cause their growth to slow down. Whereas, children who are very active may be have a good appetite and usually they stay healthy and continue to grow. 

Loss of Appetite in Children 

This is a very common problem among children between the ages of 2-6 years old. Children with poor appetites struggle to eat enough, despite the encouragement, a pleasant eating environment and the availability of healthy and attractive food. Usually the parents share in their children development of such problem by showing their worries that their children not getting enough food nutrition.  

Feeding a child who will not eat or eats very little can be frustrating and stressful to the parents.

Trying to persuade your child to eat more, most probably isn't beneficial, it might even have adverse effects by increasing refusal of eating.

1Q Wellness Emulsion is a nutritional alternative that contains herbs extract used to improve children appetites and digestion as well as strengthening their body and health. It comes with orange flavor for a delicious taste that every children favorite. With 1Q Wellness Emulsion, parents do not have to worry much for their children appetites, growth and health.

Dosage: Children

1-4 years old: 5ml each time

5-8 years old: 10ml each time

9-12 years old: 15 ml each time

12 years old and above: 15-30ml each time

2-3 times daily

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