Timo Essential Gift Pack 2018

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Timo Essential Gift Pack 2018
- Timo Cordyceps Essential 37.5g x 1 box            
- Timo Genuine Bird's Nest With Rock Sugar 72ml x 6 bottles


Timo Cordyceps Essential 

Cordyceps is one of the most treasured and safest medicinal mushrooms. Research has proven that

Cordyceps is beneficial to the lungs, heart kidneys, liver and immune system. Cordyceps is also highly

recommended to increase energy and stamina, it is perfect for people who are recovering from illnesses.


Using the advanced biotechnology, timo cordyceps has been accredited by The Malaysian Book of

Records. It is cultivated in a specially designed 100K clean room where the temperature, humidity,

oxygen, light and the acidity condition of the solid substrate are regulated and controlled according to

the different growing stages of Cordyceps. It integrated Japan biotechnology to produce the best

quality Cordyceps with at least 10X more active ingredients as compared to the wild Cordyceps.


Nutrients in timo Cordyceps Essential:

The most effective components of Cordyceps are in the fruiting body, also known as stroma. timo

Cordyceps Essential is 100% made by Stroma. it contains:

1. Adenosine

2. cordycepin


these two nucleosides are used as quality indicators od cordycep


3. cordycepic acid (D-mannitol)

4. 16 essential amino acids

5. Vitamin A, B, C, E &K

6. Polysaccharides

7. Superoxide dismutase (SOD)

8. Trace essential elements



1. improve immune system

2. increase energy and stamina

3. strengthen lungs, relief of cough, asthma, and respiratory (COPD) disease

4. enhance kidney functions and combat sexual dysfunction

5. improve liver functions and detoxification

6. improve anti-tumor activities and anti-diabetes (hypoglycemic)

7. improve anti-aging and anti-oxidant activities

8. improve metabolism and blood circulation

9. suppress blood platelet clotting

Best ways to consume:

It is advisable to mix with porridge, soup, cereal and hot drink. (each serving per person is 1.5gram of 1

tea spoon)     


Timo Bird’s Nest + rock sugar

Bird's nest is a Chinese traditional and luxury food item. In the feudal dynasty era, it is often chosen as a royal tribute for the King. In this new era, experts found out that  there is epidermal growth factor in bird’s nest which can promote cell division and secondary ingredients help stimulate cell growth and reproduction of human tissue growth.

Bird's nest also contains a lot of sticky protein, sugar protein, calcium, phosphorus and other natural nutrients that would help maintain youthful and anti-aging effects, such as skin care, white skin lubricants, reducing facial wrinkles, clear acne, skin elasticity and suppleness.


Bird Nest 98%, Rock Sugar Solution 2%.

Direction of use: Adult: 1 bottle daily. Children: half bottle daily.

Caution: *Once opened, consume immediately. Refrigerate surplus and consume within 2 days. *Precipitation is a natural occurrence, shake well before drink.

Storage: Keep in cool and dry place or in fridge.                                                         


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