Timo Diabetea Herbal Mixture Tea (2.6gm x 30 sachets / boxes)

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Diabetea Herbal Mixture Tea

Diabetea Herbal Mixture Tea is a 100% natural herbal tea that helps to reduce sugar absorption in the gastrointestinal track of the human body, hence regulating blood sugar level. It is recommended for patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, weight-watchers or health conscious consumers as it helps to regulate the level of blood sugar level.

-          Does not contain any artificial flavourings/ chemicals.

-          Does not present any severe side effects.


Indication/ Usage:

Infuse 1 tea bag in a cup of boiling water for around 3 minutes. Depending on your desired taste for brewed tea, each tea bag can be used between 1 to 3 servings after meals.



Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactating woman. The tea may cause diuretic effect

Every 2.6g teabag contains:

a) Gymnema sylvestre (2.47g)

        b)Camellia sinensis (green tea)(65mg)

c) Cordyceps (65mg)

*Blood glucose level :






Normal people (Non diabetes)

4 - 5.9mmol/L

< 7.8 mmol/L



> 6.9 mmol/L

> 9.0 mmol/L




How Diabetea helps to reduce your blood sugar level?

Scientific proven

Gymnema sylvestre is a traditional medicinal plant with reported use as a remedy for diabetes mellitus. G. sylvestre has a good prospect in treating diabetes as its main active constituent, gymnemic acid shows a positive effect on blood glucose homeostasis.  It helps in delaying and reducing the glucose absorption of sugar from the intestine, thus lowers the blood glucose level. It also increases the serum insulin level in the body as it promotes regeneration of pancreatic cells.1

Camellia sinensis or Green tea has an antidiabetic effect. It can enhance the glycolytic enzymes (helps in glycolysis process) and controls the glucose metabolism in the liver tissues by stimulating insulin production from beta cells of pancreas.4,5 It also helps in maintaining healthy pancreas function by protecting from the risk of cancer and preserve normal pancreatic insulin production.6

Polysaccharides extracted from Cordyceps showed potent hypoglycemic activity in genetic diabetic mice, and significantly decreased the plasma glucose in normal mice by oral administration; it may be useful for preventing chronic complications in diabetes mellitus.2,3,7

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